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Supply technique
This universal work and test bench is designed for use in nearly all themes of supply techniques. The basis stand is equipped with high quality measuring systems. It is combined with pre-installed experimenting boards. The result is a multimedia training center for theoretical and practical education. Extraordinary is the multiplicity of available experimenting boards, the PC-based guidance for experimenting and the modular system for self-assembled build-up.
Available experimenting boards:
  • Static & dynamic pressure
  • Flow resistance of armatures
  • Waterhammer of fast closing armatures
  • Pressure loss in pipelines
  • Pressure loss by sharp angled bows
  • Characteristics of the centrifugal circulating pump
  • Series connection of pumps
  • Performance of a mixing valve (cold run)
  • Performance of an electric boiler
  • Performance of a gas boiler
  • Boiler and monolever mixing valve
  • Performance of a thermostate controlled mixing valve
  • Current & water consumption of household units (washer etc.)
  • Dilation of pipework with temperature
  • Noise reasons and -sources
  • Air- and solid conducted noise
  • Installation rules for drinking water protection
  • Security installations for waterheaters
  • Touchfree armature
  • Performance of the combi therme
  • 3- & 4-way mixing valves and their hydraulics
  • Drain water piping

Modular system:

The modular system provides individual build-ups with usual elements. Fixing is performed by socket joints, inserted in an array of key-hole like receptibles. Connection is done by threaded joints and flexible wave-pipes made by Meibes.


Technical details:

Dimensions: 2.4m x 0.6m x 1.95m
Weight: 180 kg
400V AC 3ph. 25kW
Water supply: Cold and hot water 3m³/h
Gas supply: Gas (bottled gas)
Experimentor guidance
U2000 provides a PC-based experimentor guidance, supporting the user in getting quick and correct test results. During test performance the PC displays messages and instructions dependent on the current situation. Operation mistakes will be detected early and can be avoided.
Example: Determination of 3 way mixing valve characteristics.
Supply technique
Universal view: This is the standard screen display. All measured quantities are displayed.
Supply technique
Request to depress the unit. RW and RK must be turned to "open". It will be continued if U2000 is depressed.
Supply technique
The unit is depressed, the test build-up can be assembled according to the scheme.
Supply technique
The build-up is ready and can be filled up with water. It will be continued automatically when the build-up is pressurized.
Supply technique
Message for the adjusting of the test parameters.
Supply technique
Input of the pump power. The input is instantly controlled for plausibility.
Supply technique
The varied parameter position of the mixing valve is adjusted. A data-set will be applied with button "Acquire".
Supply technique
Evaluation of the test result.
Example test evaluation created with the included software package for Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000
Supply technique
Available experimenting boards
Supply technique
Armature test with auxiliary panel
Supply technique
Armatures test directly
Supply technique
Armatures test directly
Supply technique
Security armatures
Supply technique
Friction pressure loss in pipes
Supply technique
Impulse pressure loss
Supply technique
Dilation by temperature
Supply technique
Noise reasons
Supply technique
Noise absorption
Supply technique
Rack for boilers with exchanger
Supply technique
Protection of drinking water
Supply technique
Touch-free armatures
Supply technique
Drained water technique
Supply technique
3- and 4- way mixing valve
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