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17:15 / 26.05.2024
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Philosophy of TeLC Miniplants:

TeLC Miniplants follow a standardized design principle which adopts to some extent the real situation in an industrial plant.So is found the field department and the control department. Field and control are both equipped with original industrial instruments. The control department contains the mimetic display and the control instruments. Deviating from reality the field which is concentrated in the mimetic display is to be physically connected with the control instruments may be with pneumatic hoses or electric wiring. So the trainee has got an additional task to solve. This connecting is eased in that way that especially for the wiring needs be taken no care with normal bipolar wiring and polarity. Connecting of pneumatics and electrics feels

equal. The standardisation of the TeLC Miniplants goes so far as the dimensions hight 1.95m and depth 0.65m are equal. Only width differs between 1.8 and 2.9 m and of course weight. Within the abbreviation naming of the units is indicated the control task and instrumentation so e.g. here TIRCA means: Temp - Indication - Registration - Control - Alarm

Wide range of Training Tasks:

  • identification of the process elements and their connection
  • put in action and calibration of elements
  • connection of the process with the control terminal
  • structurizing and configuration of transmitters and controllers
  • running of the process (start & stop )
  • study and optimize the control performance by adjusting the parameters

Buildup of TIRCA:

TIRCA is a heat treating process. The furnace heats up to 1000 °C rather fast. The special isolation material efects a not too longtime accumulation of heat. The water basin down under the furnace is for cooling the piece of metal. The metalpiece and a pair of pliers belong to the equipment.

Electric power installations:
  • continous power regulator phase control
  • continous power regulator thyristor control
  • on/ off power regulator tyristor switch
  • variable transformer for the current supply disturbance
  • 2 digital continous controllers
  • 1 on/off controller with feedback
Registration and indication:
  • 3-pen recorder
  • voltmeters
  • temperature and current transmitter
  • width : 1,85 m weight: 230 kg optional on rollers
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